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Rise and Grind. The Grind Cowork Space in Oshkosh, WI is the largest coworking space north of Milwaukee,WI offering space to all types of workers. Whether you're a work-from-homer looking to get out of their house or you're looking to be the next Zuck, we've got a space for you. Rent a private office, have your own designated desk or start out with our flex membership for just $39.

Why Cowork?
Of course coworking in it’s most simple form is a space where individuals rent space to work semi-independently. Really though, coworking has become a movement of sorts where diverse people from all sorts of backgrounds come to work together. Whether it be sharing advice, stories are trading services coworking allows people and ideas to flourish through working with others. Or you could rent a private office and never talk to anyone. That’s the beauty it can be whatever you want it to be. (We’d suggest working together.)
Why Oshkosh?
Don’t hate. Somewhat quietly Oshkosh has become a bit of a techhub within the Fox Valley and even Wisconsin. With great tech companies like e-Power Marketing, Oracular, DealerFire, CarDebater, BlueDoor Consulting, ImproMed and Candeo Creative among many others, its become clear that Oshkosh is full of talent. With many startups, a great college with a blossoming tech program, we ask you, what better place than Oshkosh?
Where does the money go?
Much of the membership costs actually go right back into the building and the space. Whether it’s paying for networking/ internet costs, utilities, maintenance, improvements, hardware, advertising and much, much more. Coworking spaces are meant to subsidize the cost of space for everyone while providing a great value for all. The more members The Grind Cowork Space has, the better it becomes.


We offer 3 different types of memberships... you choose the best for you and your needs!

Flex Membership $39
For the flexible, adaptable and social member looking for an economical workspace-- now at a super affordable price! This flex membership includes fiber gigabit internet access, 200 copies in the community printer, a special planet perk discount and access to any of the conference rooms!
Reserved Desk $150
For someone looking for something more official or who's particular about their workspace. The reserved desk membership gives you all the basic flex membership features, but also allows you to have a space to call your very own. This membership also gives you 24-7 access. Heck yeah!
Office $450
For that executive type looking for a little more space and a little more quiet surroundings . This membership offers everything the flex membership offers BUT you have an office all to yourself! Each office is spacious and can be locked up when you leave at night, or morning--or whenever you want! Claim yours today before they're all gone!

Featured Member

Meet this month's featured member!

Sean Lyon

Sean Lyon

Owner, Pride Design + Customs


Pride Design & Customs is a woodshop in the heart of Wisconsin that specializes in the use of reclaimed materials and community enrichment. From tables to accent walls of salvaged materials, Pride can transform the feel of any space. Just as Pride can transform a space, pride can transform a community. For every completed project, they volunteer one hour with local non-profits in order to make sure our community has as much success as they do. Currently, PDC is working with Crescent Moon Antique & Salvage to preserve materials from the demolished Buckstaff Furniture Factory. These materials will be used as tables for Becket's restaurant in late June.

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