Rise & What???

Hey there! It’s Jess, Brand Manager at Rise & Grind. You’ve probably clicked on the link to this blog because you’re confused, curious or very interested in some of the changes that have been going on at The Grind – now Rise & Grind (if you haven’t noticed). Well, here I am, ready to answer all those questions.

First thing’s first: Rise & Grind
Is it The Grind Cowork Space, Rise & Grind, Kinnektor? What’s the deal? We are Rise & Grind – A Community Space. We are the physical space that houses entrepreneurial organizations such as Kinnektor, gBeta (gener8tor) along with many local businesses and startups. We rebranded to Rise & Grind to incorporate the housing aspect of our space. Rise & Grind is where you rise, grind and unwind. We wanted our name to incorporate everything that we are and everything we do. Rise & Grind is much more than just a cowork space. Our Oshkosh location not only houses an awesome collaborative workspace, but also 22 modern, Scandinavian-style apartments. These apartments were designed with entrepreneurs and millenials in mind- complete with modern Nest thermostat systems, fiber gigabit Internet and stylish IKEA cabinetry and appliances.

Now, what’s up with the Green Bay location?
The rumors are true! Rise & Grind is expanding to a new location in Green Bay, WI thanks to our friends Eric Jandrian and Garritt Bader (GB natives and awesome property development duo). The new workspace will be located on the third floor of The Brown County Library, a space that now so eerily looks like The Beach Building prior to redevelopment. The modern, Scandinavian style of the Oshkosh location will be carried over to the GB space thanks to Chet Wesenberg and his talented crew of architects.

Check out some pics of the space prior to demo, which will begin next week.

And how does Kinnektor fit into all this?
Kinnektor, formally Launch WI, is the literal connection point for entrepreneurs, investors and important figures in the local startup ecosystem. They just so happen to call Rise & Grind in Oshkosh, WI home, a central location on what they call the 41 Corridor (the big string of cities in NE WI connected by Highway 41). Kinnektor and Rise & Grind can and should be considered point zero for startups in the area. The Kinnektor team are our best buds and we are theirs. We work together to provide young companies, startups and entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to be successful in Northeast Wisconsin. To get kinnekted, click here.

To learn more about Rise & Grind and to stay updated on the Green Bay location’s progress and what’s going on in Oshkosh, follow us on social. @riseandgrindwi


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