Our Vision

Our goal is to be the ultimate resource for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and members of the community. We want to provide not only a space to work from, but a community to grow in.

Why cowork?

Of course coworking in it’s most simple form is a space where individuals rent space to work semi-independently. Really though, coworking has become a movement of sorts where diverse people from a variety of backgrounds come to work together. Whether it be sharing advice, stories or trading services, coworking allows people and ideas to flourish through collaboration. Or you could rent a private office and never talk to anyone. That’s the beauty of our space, it can be whatever you want it to be. (We’d suggest working together.)

Why Oshkosh?

Don’t hate. Somewhat quietly Oshkosh has become a bit of a techhub within the Fox Valley and Wisconsin. With great tech companies like e-Power Marketing, Oracular, DealerFire, CarDebater, BlueDoor Consulting, ImproMed and Candeo Creative among many others, it’s become clear that Oshkosh is full of talent. With many startups, a great college with a blossoming tech program, we ask you, what better place than Oshkosh?

Why Green Bay?

Known as the epicenter of all things green, gold and cheese, most people have heard of Green Bay.  What they may not know is that the city is home to much more than the Packers.  Great restaurants, breweries and outdoor events provide entertainment to a hard-working community that’s a mix of old-school paper manufacturing and new-school healthcare, tech and logistics.  In the center of it all is Rise & Grind on the third floor of the downtown Brown County Library. 

The Team

Eric Hoopman
owner, Rise & Grind Oshkosh

Eric is the founder of Dealer Fire, now DealerSocket. He recently sunsetted his career with the automotive technology and marketing agency and began focusing his efforts on rebuilding the city he grew up in. He recently opened Rise & Grind with the hopes that it would encourage entrepreneurship and economic growth in the area.

Garritt Bader
Owner, RIse & Grind Green Bay

Garritt is a native of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and has been active in commercial real estate sales, leasing and development since 2003. During this time he has worked with many companies including Family Dollar, CVS/pharmacy, Costco Wholesale Corp., McDonald’s, Arby’s, Dollar Tree, Dunkin’ Donuts and Aldi.

Eric Jandrain
Owner, Rise & Grind Green BAy

Eric may be working in covert ops for the CIA or may simply be an engineer for an international company based locally, as he maintains.  It’s for you to decide.  Either way while traveling the world and visiting some of its’ greatest cities, he’s developed a passion for bringing the best of his travels (housing, the international food/cafe scene & work spaces) back to his hometown Green Bay.

Jessica Meidl
Community Manager, Rise & GRind Oshkosh

Jessica manages Rise & Grind Oshkosh and the people that work out of the space. She’s your go-to gal when it comes to renting conference rooms, coworking questions and when the printer’s out of paper. She also manages the online brand and event planning at the space.